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PrincipaI Investigator

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Erik Duboué

Erik did his Bachelors degrees at Tulane University and then his PhD at NYU with Richard Borowsky. He then worked with Marnie Halpern at the Carnegie Institution for Science before starting his lab at FAU in 2017. 

Phone: (561) 799-8054


Research staff


Peter Lewis

I am the Research Program Coordinator for the FAU Fish Trilab. I maintain the A. mexicanus and Danio stocks while coordinating the research needs of the Duboue, Kowalko, and Keene labs.

Phone: (561) 799-8069


Bernadeth Toletntino

Phone: (561) 799-8069


Arthur Loppato

Phone: (561) 799-8069


Postdoctoral fellows

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Robert Kozel

Rob is a neuroscientist that trained in the lab of Julia Dallman at the University of Miami. Currently, he is discovering neural circuit changes underlying differences in behavior between surface and cave forms of Astyanax. 

Phone: 234 567 6789


Graduate Students

John Ji Heon Han

I'm studying how the genetics of different A. Mexicanus populations shape variations in behavior through variations in receptor functions.

Phone: (561) 799-8069


Allison Walsh

Phone: (561) 799-8069


Undergraduate Students


Anders Yuiska

Investigating the effects of early life trauma  and adult predisposition to substance abuse in zebrafish through examining of dopaminergic signaling. Creation of a brain atlas for the Mexican cavefish - with my mentor James Jaggard (Keene Lab)

Phone: (561) 799-8069


Shoshanah Marcus.jpg

Shoshanah Marcus

Shoshanah has been analyzing and annotating the
behaviors of A. mexicanus to develop different neural networks that predict behavioral patterns. She is collaborating
on this project with her colleague, Aden Eagle.

Phone: (561) 799-8069


Marry Forrest.jpg

Mary Forrest

I am an undergraduate student from the Boca Raton Campus interested in behavioral neuroscience and anxiety. I am currently working with Robert Kozel on his research examining neural circuits in surface and cavefish. 

Phone: (561) 799-8069


Research pawentists

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Nena Duboué-Rodriguez

Nena is a four year old Amstaff/Boxer mix interested in addictive qualities of Milk Bones. When she isn't at daycare, she's eating Milk Bones.


Coco Duboué-Rodriguez

Coco is a 7-month old Amstaff mix. When not at daycare, she enjoys chasing squirrels and playing with her sister.

Laboratory alumni

Paloma Amaral, Lab Manager 

Courtney Olive, Wilkes Honors College undergraduate student


Claude Gassant, Wilkes Honors College undergraduate student

Daniel Whu, Wilkes Honors College undergraduate student

Steven Raftopoulos, Wilkes Honors College undergraduate student

Austin Raftopoulos, Wilkes Honors College undergraduate student

Lydia Albert, Wilkes Honors College undergraduate student

Anh Phan, Wilkes Honors College undergraduate student

Cody Loomis, graduate student (Currently in McLean Bolton's lab, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neurosience)


Yasmeen Erritouni, Technition (Currently Grad Student of University of Washington)

Jacqueline Chin, Postdoc (Currently in Michael Meaney's Lab)

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